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Hygiene Checker Website & App

Covid-19 Solver

Design a tool to help adults to find restaurants, grocery stores, and more that are suited to their hygiene standard due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

//The Problem

In Taiwan, the government allowed the residents to eat out in restaurants, however, people still find uncomfortable to go to stores or restaurant that they don't know how the prevention of covid-19 work has taken place.  

//The Goal

Design an RWD website and app to help adults to find stores that are suited to their hygiene standards to prevent them from catching Coronavirus. So by helping people find the stores and restaurants they are comfortable to go, it will eventually increase economic growth, and encourage the community to continue to do great covid-19 prevention works.  

Untitled design-10-2.png

Role: UX Designer

Tool: Pen & Paper
          Adobe XD

Duration: 09/2021 - 10/2021

Project timeline

- Project Timeline -


-Secondary Research
-User Journey Map


-Problem Statement
-Competitive Audit
-Crazy Eights

Lo-fi design

-Pen & Paper
-Layout & Structure
-Lo-fi prototype


- Testing w/lo-fi Prototype
- Iteration on the UI

High-fi design

-Visual Design
-Interaction Design
-Motion Design


- Research -

2. Changing lifestyle

According to my observation, although the active covid-19 cases has declined in Taiwan, but people are still not comfortable enough to go out as often before the pandemic.

3. Less spending going out

As I walked passed to many stores, I see many stores are putting up big sales to attract customers, yet not many people are eating and shopping in the stores.

Untitled design-7-2.png

- Interview -

I conducted user interviews, which I then turned into empathy maps to better understand the target user and their needs. I discovered that many target users do not go out as often as before after the covid-19 breakout from everyday to 2 to 3 times a week. 


Although the cases of covid-19 has dropped significantly, and the government has set up regulations for stores, but the fear to catch covid-19 still frustrated many target users. The users believe to have extra information about the pandemic prevention work for stores, can really help them to make good choices for grocery shopping and eat out.



Worry to catch covid-19, but still need to buy grocery and go out to work.



Every users have different standard for the hygiene in stores, but without this open information, may result the users to go out even lesser and have higher chances to be depressed and mentally ill.

“It is frustrating to go out to work with fear all the time, with the extra pandemic prevention work information definitely will help” 



  • Afraid to take public transportation to places far away

  • When arriving before a store, then found out it is overcrowded is very frustrating  

A 30-year-old marketing manager goes out every day before covid-19, to eat out and to work, but only goes out 2-3 times a week after covid-19 for takeout. Feels very frustrated when wasting time to find a not so crowded restaurant, not so comfortable to take public transportation, therefore always drive cars to the destination, with the extra information of pandemic prevention works of stores, can really help him to make good and safe choices when going out. 

“I don’t go out that often anymore after covid-19, but it is nice to have this information to keep me even safer.”  



  • Wants to be able to find a safe grocery shopping spot on a website, since she doesn’t go out that much after the covid-19 breakout  


  • the requirement for go to different stores is different which makes it inconvenient

  • worry to catch covid-19 when going out

  • feels it is her responsibility to keep her family safe from the virus, therefore to go out less 

A full-time 50 years old mom, go out 3-4 times a week before covid-19, to eat out, grocery shopping, park, visiting friends and family, but only go out 1-2 times a week after covid-19 for grocery. She worries to catch covid-19 when going out and sees it is her responsibility to keep her family safe. Although she doesn’t go out as often as before, the pandemic prevention work information for grocery stores is valuable for her.   

James Gordon
User Journey


Make the camera button easy to click 

Add restaurant specific filters(e.g. Partition, checkerboard seating) 

Make the make review process easy and fun to use, to encourage the usage of review 

Excited, worry if the pandemic prevention work is good 

Anxious and excited to see if it is worth to go in

Stress relieving by the information 

Excited to give a try 

Feeling urgent to recommend and support this restaurant’s work to his friends 

Walking on the street

Open app

View Restaurant

Walk into the restaurant

Make review

Task list

A. walk on the street to find food

B. notice a restaurant 

A. open app  
B. click on camera to scan the restaurant sign
C. click on the restaurant page 

A. View Restaurants pandemic prevention description
B. View Restaurants pandemic review
C. View Restaurants menu  

A. order meal
B. take picture of the meal and the restaurant’s interior layout the meal 

A. upload the pictures with review
B. share his review on social media  


Candice Campbell
User Journey


Make sure the filters are easy to use 

The layout of the store page has to be clean and clear, so all information can stand out 

Perhaps can collaborate with Google map 

Make the make review process easy and fun to use, to encourage the usage of review 

Excited to find a safe spot to do grocery shopping 

Anxious and excited to see if there is any good store to go 

Stress relieving by the information 

Excited to shop in there 

Feels overly joy to recommend and support this store by sharing it to her family and friends 

Find grocery stores

Use filters

View grocery stores

Go to the grocery store

Make review

A. open app

B. enable GPS

Task list

A. pick the categories of stories
B. sorting by the strictness of pandemic prevention, distance, number of people in store and off-peak period 

A. View grocery stores pandemic prevention description
B. View grocery stores pandemic review
C. View grocery store interior layout 

A. use road map to go to the store
B. receive notification for direction
C. arrived at the grocery store 

A. Take note on the store’s prevention work  
B. Take photos with the interior layout
C. upload the picture on the website with review 


App design

- App Design -


Since users both use mobile and desktop platforms, I have decided to use the design method of progressive enhancement to sketched out app paper wireframes for each screen in my website. Also, I keep the user's pain points about navigation, browsing, and checkout flow in mind. 

Home – 2.png

Confirmed Cases

Users are most afraid to run into areas with large amount of active Covid cases 


Users do not want their names to be exposed when they make public reviews 

Users are having a difficult time in figure out what to click on. 

Findings – 2.png
Review – 2.png
App mockup
Home – 5.png
Map – 2.png
Menu – 2.png
Findings – 2.png
Scan – 6.png
Review – 2.png
Store page – 2.png
Scan – 5.png
Responsive design

- Responsive Design -


To differentiate the purpose of the app and the website, I bring the merchant account and related articles into the website.

Home – tablet-2.png
Partner – 1.png
Articles – 2.png
Account – 2.png
Account – 3.png
Congrats – 2.png
Login – 9.png
Untitled design-9-2.png
Untitled design-6-3.png
Join merchant – 11.png
Store page – 4.png
Articles – 1.png
Join merchant – 6.png
Join merchant – 8.png
Join merchant – 9.png
Join merchant – 10.png
Design system

-Design System-

Secondary Color





Search Bar

Text input.png

Top Bar

Text input.png

Social Media


Map Icon


Text input.png


Text input.png

Text Input

Text input.png
Text input.png



-Accessibility Considerations-



- Impact -

The app and the website solved the user problem of fearing to go out, and this platform gives back a sense of control through open information, and bring more income to the merchants during the pandemic.  

One quote from user feedback

“ This is so good if I can use it, I will definitely use it every day."

Next steps

- Next steps -

Usability Studies

Conduct research on how successful the app is in reaching the goal to increase visits in stores.

Develop Functionalities

Add more different type of stores for users, including theaters, theme parks and more.


Add more data for merchants to know how do they do in more aspects and contrast with their competitors.

- What I learned -

I love the fact that I can create something to give back to our community, especially during the hard time of the pandemic. Perhaps in some cases to solve a problem is easier than discover a problem, I have come to know that it is possible to solve a big problem with some creative ideas.

- Challenges & Constraints -

Since this is the study that I did on my own, therefore I don't know how the government of Taiwan thinks about this product, perhaps they will not like the part of the open information of active Covid cases in regions, which may lead to unnecessary panic and chaos over the region.


Also, merchants may not like the fact that the active Covid cases are that easily accessible regard their region because it will certainly affect their performace. 

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